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Holocron, Chapter 2

The Twi’leks are overjoyed at having the rival mining camp neutralized. They throw a celebration in the party’s honor lasting several days. The party returns to the spaceport with B’ura B’an and as much reward as the camp could scrounge up for them.

Upon arrival, they are able to trade away some of the weapons and equipment recovered at Drombb’s camp and replenish supplies. Not surprisingly, they concentrate on stimpacks and grenades.

Back at the Twi’lek HQ, they are introduced to a Bothan named Ota, who shows them the bounty notice for 50,000 credits Teemo has placed on their heads. He offers a plan that will let them strike back at Teemo, and will also pay them a reward for ending the Hutt.

The plan involves traveling to Geonosis and attending a function hosted by Duke Piddock. The soirée is a front for various business deals the Duke is involved in. Attendees typically represent business associates of the Duke who would prefer to remain in the shadows. The group’s cover is that they are independent transporters looking for investors in Ryloth ryll mines and seeking to establish trading connections for the Twi’leks. When meeting the Duke, we will be representing Ota to purchase weapons. The real purpose is to find out why Duke Piddock is no longer dealing with the Hutts, and then use that information to convince another Geonosian businessman, Dimmock, to cease his dealings with the Hutts. If we are successful, Ota promises us the opportunity to strike directly at Teemo and have the bounty lifted. He will also reward the adventurers for ending the Hutt.

The party discusses with Ota the information found on Drombb’s computer concerning the Geonosian tech Sivor and his untimely end in the battle pits caused by someone named Thweek. Ota agrees that this is the kind of information that will turn the Geonosians against the Hutts.

The adventurers journey to Geonosis and travel to the hive where the event is being held. Each is allowed to carry only a blaster pistol, and the event is overseen by large creatures with even larger guns. Pash will play the part of the chief negotiator, with Lowhhrick as his bodyguard. Oskara will act as security, and Mathus will inspect the weapons to be purchased.

The group enters the party prior to the arrival of Duke Piddock. They circulate and engage the other guests in conversation. One in particular, a Gand with a translator droid, catches their interest. The gand wears a wrist device that seems to be some sort of communicator/ information link, and beeps occasionally. Oskara in particular is very suspicious of the creature.

The group approaches Piddock, and Pash is able to get the Duke interested in a trade agreement for food shipments and investing in the ryll mining operations on Ryloth. They also purchase three large assault rifles; two for Ota and one that Oskara decides to keep. They mention that they have other private matters to discuss, and the Duke agrees to meet them later.

The group them solicits information from a Toydarian broker at the party. They learn that the Duke had serious reservations on dealing with Teemo, and broke off their arrangement. This is possibly due to Teemo employing Thweek, a Kubaz spy, since Geonosians hate Kubaz.

After mingling with the other party guests, the group meets again with the Duke. They discuss his dealings with Teemo, and he confirms what they’ve learned.

After the party, the group speaks again with Ota. They concoct a plan to present their information to Piddock and turn him against Teemo. They will then solicit his help in striking at Teemo directly.

Dimmock agrees to the plan. He will allow the group to stow away on one of his freighters, the Lucky Guess, heading back to Mos Shuuta. Then the party will sneak into Teemo’s palace and deal with the Hutt once and for all. Dimmock says the pilots of the freighter will work with us once we’re onboard, but we’ll need to get past port security on our own to give him deniability should the plan go awry.

The group heads to gantry where Lucky Guess is docked. Several security guards block their way, but change their mind once the gunplay starts. During the firefight, the Gand from Piddock’s party emerges and begins firing at the party. He is quickly taken down by Oskara and Lowhhrick. The party drags the Gand’s corpse onto the Lucky Guess and the ship departs for Tattooine.

The group searches the Gand and determines he is a bounty hunter trying to collect the price on their head. They salvage what they can of his equipment, then space him.

Upon reaching Tattooine, they cannot land at Teemo’s private landing pad as it’s occupied by a busted up Dunelizard fighter. The party recognizes it as one of the ships they fought over Ryloth. The Lucky Guess lands at one of the public landing bays, and the party stows away in storage containers for the trip across town to Teemo’s palace.

Once there, they emerge from the shipping containers in the cargo receiving room. From there, they access the main communications hub and disable all outgoing and internal communications. They also shut the external blast doors and lock them down, stranding several of Teemo’s guards outside the palace.

The party meets the medical droid 41-VEX, and set him free to help the party. They move into the main hallway and engage the guards. The Trandoshan Trex emerges from Teemo’s throne room and opens fire on the party. Pash and Oskara return fire while Lowhhrick and Mathus disable the guards. Finally Pash is able to shoot Trex, and the Trandoshan finally goes down for good. Mathus chucks a stun grenade into the throne room, and the party rushes in.

Alerted by the commotion, Teemo’s thugs are ready for battle. They shake off the effects of the stun grenade and open fire immediately. Teemo shoots Oskara as two Gammoreans rush to engage. The party dives for cover and blasts away at the thugs. Thweek appears across the room and catches the party in a crossfire. As the party concentrates fire on the Kubaz spy, Teemo takes Oskara down. 41-VEX rushes in to tend to the Twi’lek as Pash and Lowhhrick provide cover. Back on her feet, Oskara drops Thweek with concentrated fire from her new blaster rifle.

Teemo attempts to end the fight, but the party is having none of it. Once the Hutt is dead, a silent, robed figure appears from behind Teemo’s throne. Realizing this is the avatar of the Game Master about to pull some hoodoo crap and have them all drop dead, the party unloads on him with all their weapons until he is nothing but a smoldering stain on Teemo’s carpet. They then tap a keg of Teemo’s finest ale and commence to celebrating…



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