Gand Surgeon


This Gand has long felt that his race’s anatomy has been holding them back from their full potential. It is difficult interacting properly with other species when the options are either to be without lungs or inability to breathe oxygen. This means the Gand scientists, warriors, and diplomats must either be without an easy method of communication or do their work with other races in a toxic environment.

The solution became obvious to this Gand, with the right combination of medical know how and available organs, Gand’s will be able to breathe oxygen! Travel across this galaxy would of course be necessary, who knows what corner of which planet might be hiding the creature with the right internal structures.

Providing medical services where necessary would be the easiest method of funding the exploration. Someday this Gand will be able to return to the home planet with a breakthrough for the ages that will benefit everyone for ages to come.


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